Sunday, 22 June 2008

Wo-Built Goes Greener by Planting Trees!!!

Wobuilt goes greener by planting trees!
Planting a tree
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Wo-Built Joins Trees Ontario to Improve Air Quality
TORONTO – August 12, 2008 – Trees Ontario and Wo-Built Inc. are proud to announce a partnership that will connect home renovations with improving air quality and natural landscapes through tree planting. Press-release: Partnership helps get more healthy trees into the ground

We have partnered with Trees Ontario!

Wo-Built has signed on with Trees Ontario and has made a commitment to help replenish our Forestry. Over the years, the impact of climate change and a decline in tree planting has put our trees and forests in peril. Trees are a vital part of our ecosystem. They replenish our oxygen, cool our cities, help to filter pollutants from our air and so much more.

Trees Ontario has a mission to increase the forested landscape of Ontario's private lands by working with partners, government and sponsors, and through the support and promotion of its' tree planting programs. As a partner Wo-Built is committed to helping Trees Ontario with its reforestation efforts. Trees are important!

Wo-built Partners with Trees OntarioScreenshot: Trees Ontario: Planting tomorrow's forests
Credit: Trees Ontario

Trees Ontario: Gathering of experts from science, forestry, government, community groups and the business world that plants trees and forests throughout Ontario
Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources: Ontario's Forests
Ontario’s Plant A Tree Challenge: Lend a Hand Plant a Tree
Go Green Ontario: Things we can all do to make a difference
Forest Stewardship Council Canada: FSC
Environment Canada: Take Action for the Environment web results for trees ontario web results for trees ontario
wikipedia: Trees of Ontario

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