Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Being Green in Toronto – Everyone Can Participate!

Collage: Being Green with Wo-Built Inc. Construction and Renovation Company in Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCollage: Being Green with Wo-Built

Being environmentally conscious is a topic that is very much in the forefront today and is a concern to everyone. In today’s eco conscious world everyone can do their part for the environment.

In the City of Toronto alone everyone from school-age children, large corporations and ordinary citizens are learning to be environmentally friendly. Most of us do the usual things such as recycling and using compact fluorescent bulbs but as the Green Toronto Winners and Finalists list proves, many people are thinking of new and innovative ways to be environmentally friendly and saving our resources. Highlighted on this list, you can read about the "Now House™ Project Inc.", a green design award winner for a home with a near zero energy retrofit that will hopefully be modeled for future "green" homes. Also highlighted is Campbell Company of Canada, a winner for the water efficiency award. They have implemented a water recovery program that saves 25 - 40 million liters of water a month. To read more about the many other creative ways that some people in our great City of Toronto have come up with to being environmentally friendly, please follow the link to Green Toronto Awards Winners and Finalists.

Although we didn’t make the list (maybe next year!), we at Wo-Built always try to do our part as green builders. One initiative that we strongly believe in is the donation of reusable items from our building projects. One such worthy cause close to our hearts is Habitat for Humanity. They will reuse most items in their building projects or they will be put up for resale at Habitat Restores to raise money for much needed supplies for their ventures. Follow this link Building Homes - Leading Women into Construction to read about Wobuilts’ adventures at Habitat for Humanity.

You can also join us on our twitter page for regular updates and links to some interesting reading. As well as saving resources for future generations, being green can be fun!

Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc. Future City Toronto
This video is being shown at the United Nations Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. Mayor Miller will be attending to represent Toronto as Chair of the C40 at the Climate Summit for Mayors and continue to champion the leadership of cities in fighting climate change. Watch the video to see what Toronto is doing to fight climate change.
Find out what you can do at
Credit: livegreentoronto

City of Toronto: Solid Waste Management: ReUseIt: Minimize the waste through reduction and reuse strategies
City of Toronto: Green Toronto Awards Winners and Finalists
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City of Toronto: Zerofootprint Toronto

Wo-Built: Going Green in the City: Building and Renovating with "Being Green" in Mind:
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Wo-Built: Our Green and Eco Tweets to Follow Toronto Mayor David Miller - Copenhagen climate change summit 2009
"The Toronto Mayor promises a plan to extend the Transit City plan with over 120km of light rail transit. In an attempt to restore and reuse, a plan to strengthen the economy and to create green jobs includes building construction to retrofit old high-rise concrete apartments fighting climate change in the process."
by Tomitheos Linardos Toronto struts its stuff at Copenhagen climate conference
by Paul Moloney

Thursday, 3 December 2009

Kitchen Upgrade – Plan Yours Today!

Wo-Built kitchen before and after renovation project: kitchen cabinets were redesigned to give the kitchen more streamlined and contemporary ambianceCollage: Kitchen renovation project: The kitchen before... and After
These kitchen cabinets were redesigned to give the kitchen
a more streamlined and contemporary ambiance.

We all know that a kitchen upgrade can add maximum value to your home, especially in the resale market.

In today’s tight economy, many people are on the lookout for relatively inexpensive updates for their homes. Aside from adding new and trendy paint colours (please follow the link to our article Colour for Your Home and Your Life for this years’ "in" colours) which is one of the least inexpensive ways to freshen up a kitchen, nothing else will renew a kitchen more than a new countertop.

Your countertops are one of the most outstanding features in your kitchen, and modernizing them is a smart and reasonably inexpensive way for an update. There are many materials used in the modernizing of countertops today ranging from inexpensive to costly. Some of the more widely used substances are: Granite, Marble, Plastic Laminate, Slab Plastic, Ceramic Tile, Slate and Soapstone just to name a few.

Nothing outdates a kitchen more than an old countertop and nothing will give your kitchen more oomph than a new one. A new kitchen counter is one feature that can add instant value to your home. We at Wo-Built Inc. specialize in kitchen upgrades of all kinds and can help you get the most value from your upgrade.

For more ideas call us today at 416-354-2555 or please go to our website for more information. Whether you are thinking of just an upgrade or a major renovation we can help!

Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.
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Wo-Built: Invest in Your Home Renovations and Be Eligible to Receive up to $1,350 in Tax Relief
The Home Renovation Tax Credit will provide a one-year, temporary 15% income tax credit on eligible home renovation expenditures for work performed, or goods acquired between January 27, 2009 and February 1, 2010. The credit may be claimed on eligible expenditures exceeding $1,000 but no more than $10,000.
Wo-Built: Home Renovation Tip: Donate Reusable Items to Non-For-Profit Organizations
Please consider donating your used items when renovating!

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Canada's HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo Begins Tomorrow

Screenshot: The 13th Annual Residential Construction and Renovation Trade Show
Merto Toronto Convention Centre, December 2 - 4, 2009
Credit: HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo

To mark the beginning of a new business year for our company, we are going to attend the big 5 Canada's largest construction industry shows that will begin tomorrow (Wednesday, December 2, 2009) at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre under one roof at one time:

[ V ] Construct Canada: Building, Design and Construction
[ V ] HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo: Residential Construction and Renovation
[ V ] PM Expo: Property Management and Real Estate Operations
[ V ] DesignTrends: Commercial Interiors Design
[ V ] Concrete Canada: Concrete and Masonry Construction
[ V ] National GreenBuilding Conference & Exposition

Joining over 23,500 builders, renovators, constructors, architects, engineers,and specifiers, we are going to learn about new green products and materials that will improve a building’s efficiencies; explore new technologies and services, meet with suppliers and manufacturers, and network with leading experts in building design, construction, and renovation fields.

Just from a glance at the program, some of the promising sessions and demonstrations:

Professional & Personal Skills Development
Strategies for Building and Maintaining Your Brand with Social Media
Speaker: Jon Goldman, President Brand Launcher LLC

Master Speakers
Greening the Gardiner: Toronto's Green Ribbon is a Viable Option

Design Trends for Residential Buildings
Bringing Cost-Effective Natural Lighting Systems to Reality
Speaker: Lorne Whitehead, Chair, Board of Directors SunCentral Inc.

Improved Project Delivery & Profitability
Project Management Strategies for Builders, Contractors, and Renovators
Speaker: Tom Stephenson, Coordinator, Centre - Construction & Engineering Technologies, George Brown College

Design Trends for Residential Buildings
Creating a Functional Kitchen
Speakers: Tanya Rentzos, Kitchen Designer, Andros Kitchen & Bath Designs

Technical Updates
New and Innovative Products for Homebuilders and Renovators

Hands-On Demonstrations for Energy Efficient and Greener Building Products and Technologies
Green House Under Construction

See you at #HomeBuilder09 Show:

LinkedIn Event: HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo 2009
Wo-Built: Impressions of the Toronto Fall Home Show

The UK's Homebuilding & Renovating Show: Self Build, Renovation and Home Improvement Show: House Extensions, Remodelling, Converting The Big 5 - International Building & Construction Show Developing Social Networking Opportunities
Vol.1, Issue 2, Fall 2009

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"Ideas sometimes emerge in crisis that solve other issues.
Next week is the major annual construction show in Ontario, and I've always attended..."
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