Sunday, 31 August 2008

Help for Going Green at Work

Wo-Built at Mimico Summer Festival 2008: Greening Our Community, by wobuilt.comGreenTbiz' Tent at the Mimico Summer Festival "Greening Our Community"
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Energy conservation and environmental issues are very significant in our communities today. We have recycling programs at our homes but what about our work environments? This is where an organization such as GreenTbiz can step in to help. GreenTbiz is a non-profit organization that advises small businesses on ways to reduce energy costs and how they can be more eco-friendly by putting less stress on the environment. They work in conjunction with the TABIA’s (Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas). Both TABIA and GreenTBiz have a mutual goal and it’s an alliance that can be beneficial to both organizations.

GreenTbiz has many programs and services that can benefit small business owners by improving their bottom line as well as being more environmentally conscious.
Wo-Built can help a business with its remodeling projects and as a responsible business owner that believes in the work that GreenTBiz is doing, Wo-Built recommends the services of GreenTBiz to all its commercial clients. There’s nothing to lose and a green future to gain.
Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

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TABIA - Toronto Association of Business Improvement Areas
greenTbiz: thinking green & saving green
Here you may view Smart Mentor video clips which demonstrate the positive energy saving changes that business owners across Toronto have been making through the greenTbiz program.

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