Thursday, 9 October 2008

Kitchen Design Tips: Deciding on a Overall Style

Wo-Built Kitchen Design TipsWo-Built's Kitchen Design Tips Series
Deciding on a Overall Style

Tip 3: Deciding on a Overall Style
When considering a remodeling kitchen project, there is a wide range of designs, textures and materials available on the market today, but the style can be divided into six different categories.
  1. Stainless Steel/ Industrial
  2. Shaker Style
  3. Modern Minimalist
  4. Contemporary
  5. Period
  6. Farmhouse
Efficient kitchens and creative kitchen design are a combination of imagination, design and sense of individuality. Wo-Built caters to all tastes from traditional to the latest kitchen design styles. We offer innovative ideas which allow us to tailor a kitchen design to your needs!

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Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

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