Wednesday, 28 January 2009

Wo-Built's Newsletter Volume No.1

Wobuilt Newsletter: Design & Build Contractor with a Difference January 2009Wo-Built's Newsletter Volume No.1, January 2009

Wo-Built Inc - A Design & Build
Contractor with a Difference

01/01/2009 Volume No.1

New: Home Maintenance Plans

Ladies, wouldn't it be great if all the little things around the house were done without having to do a "Honey do list" and then having to wait forever until the list is done.
Gentlemen, wouldn't it be great not to be nagged all the time to do the "Honey do list".
We can help! Wo-Built has created a unique service! A one-stop maintenance service for your HOME.
We will minimize your stress and hassle of repairs to your home and send our highly professional, INSURED trade persons to cover a wide range of repairs on a regular basis for a yearly fee.
This is also a great option for those loved ones that can no longer care for their home for themselves. A maintenance plan can bring peace of mind for both the client as well as the family who do not have to worry.

Basic Plan $1,497
This plan includes 3 hours of regularly scheduled home maintenance service every 6 weeks for a total of 27 hours of maintenance service per year

Advanced Plan $2,496
This plan includes 3 hours of regularly scheduled home maintenance service every 3 weeks for a total of 48 hours of maintenance service per year.


For more information call: (416) 402-2679

Renovations with a woman's touch...

Our Work Mandate:
Attention to detail, to design and careful execution:
Flair for colour, design, artistic detail and finishing touches
Ability to interpret the client’s vision
Develop seedling ideas and make them grow
We will go the extra mile to deliver a quality product
We are a bridge for the client and our renovation team

The manner in which we consult with the client:
Able to recognize and express the client’s visualization
Able to draw out the client’s thoughts and ideas
Insight into the client’s needs and requirements
Ability to embrace innovative ideas

Our communication style:
Empathetic to the clients' needs
Ability to suggest solutions
Giving balanced proposals
Ability to achieve high quality standards from our trades

Our Training Mission:
Helping women enter and succeed in the building trades
Giving women training and employment opportunities in the building trades
Devising our own training programs for women
Giving mentoring advice to women – both for career advancement and business matters

Our Community Commitment:

Helping Not-for-Profit organizations with Women and Training mandates with their building and renovation needs.

www.wobuilt .com
(416) 402-2679

If you would like to subscribe to our quarterly newsletter,
please send an e-mail to

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