Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Smart Home Improvement with ecoENERGY Retrofit Grants

Screenshot: Natural Resources Canada: Home Improvement: Personal: Residential ecoENERGY - Retrofit HomesScreenshot: Natural Resources Canada: Home Improvement:
Personal: Residential ecoENERGY- Retrofit Homes
Credit: Natural Resources Canada

ecoENERGY Retrofit – Homes is available to owners of single family homes including detached, semi-detached and low rise multi-unit residential buildings. Property owners can qualify for federal grants by improving the energy efficiency of their homes, and reducing their home's impact on the environment. The maximum grant one can receive per home or multi-unit residential building is $5,000; whereas the total grant amount available to one individual or entity for eligible properties over the life of the program is $500,000.

We, at the Wo-Built Inc., always suggest before we start construction of an addition or renovation to have an energy audit done of the existing home to see if any energy improvements are eligible for a grant. As the renovations can be quite substantial it makes sense to see if the house can be made even more energy efficient and to take advantage of the government incentives.

The new Budget announced an additional $300 million in ecoENERGY funding over the next two years to support an estimated 200,000 additional home retrofits. No changes to how the program operates were announced.

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