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How to Come out ahead on Your Home Renovation

Wo-Built Home Maintenance PlanCome out ahead on Your Home Renovation
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"The prime minister reminded the audience about some of the budget measures designed to stimulate the economy such as the home renovation tax credit. He said already there have been 12,000 inquiries about the credit to an information hot line and he joked that anyone with a home and wife will likely be doing home renovations this year."
Harper: American economy hit twice as hard as Canada's
by Shane Dingman, March 10, 2009
Wo-Built’s Home Maintenance Program and the Home Improvement Tax Credit - How to come out ahead when considering home renovations.

In these tough economic times, we are all trying to stretch our dollars to do double duty. The home renovations area is no exception. Wo-Built Inc. offers a Home Maintenance plan which could easily be converted into Home Improvements. Clients who enroll in this program to receive regular monthly maintenance with Wo-Built can also take advantage of the Home Improvement Tax Credit (HRTC).

For instance your kitchen may be outdated and in need of some repairs. Some of the more popular improvements to brighten up the kitchen and make it more inviting might include painting the kitchen doors or installing new ones, replacement of the kitchen cabinets and new hardware. New counter tops, new floor tiling, a new sink and a more contemporary paint color for the walls would also give it a fresher appeal. Wo-Built would be able to do all these improvements to your kitchen under our new home maintenance plan. And as an added bonus these improvements are eligible for the new Home Improvement Tax Credit. Our service also helps in increasing your home value should you want to consider selling your home.
Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

Wo-Built Inc.: Invest in Your Home Renovations and Be Eligible to Receive up to $1,350 in Tax Relief
Wo-Built Inc.: Wo-Built’s New Maintenance Service

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