Tuesday, 8 September 2009

Our Green and Eco Tweets to Follow

Collage: Wo-built Green and Eco Tweets

Collage: Our Green and Eco Tweets to Follow
Credits: MS Office ClipArt - j0437294 + Twitter

Here is review of our tweets exploring the latest green materials and green building technologies:

May 27
Renovation tip: eco-friendly flooring materials: Cork (very popular now) and for upmarket look: recycled Leather.

If you own a commercial, industrial or institutional building in Toronto and would like to explore the use of an Eco roof, contact us.

The Toronto Eco-Roof Incentive program:
Eco-Roof Incentive Program

Jun 11
@zerofootprint - Your link to Ron Dembo's article is very interesting and thought provocing.
How Governments Should Fund Retrofits
by Ron Dembo
Posted: June 10, 2009

Jun 14
@styrohome Forget AC! Cool Your Home Naturally - Good article about natural ventilation - well worth reading
Forget AC! Cool Your Home Naturally
Slash (or eliminate) your air conditioning bills with these simple tips and remodeling recommendations.
August/September 2007
By Carol Venolia and Kelly Lerner

Jul 15
@styrohome Interesting article about the first living building:
Live From New York
The First Living Building Sets the Bar
By Campbell Wood

Energy Harvesting - article from Reuters: Will this be used in the future?
Is Energy Harvesting Moving Into the Smart Home?
By MC O'Connor - Earth2Tech

@zerofootprint:Thank you for bringing article on Why We Need a Globally-Recognized Unit of "Green" to our attention
Why We Need a Globally-Recognized Unit of "Green"
BY Ken Musgrave
Mon Jul 13, 2009

Interesting word: greenwashing - Cute description of the sins of greenwashing:

Jul 17
Definition of 'green' building materials: California Integrated Waste Management Board:

Very informative website about 'green' building materials:

Jul 21
What would a house look like with as many "green" building measures as possible? We at Wo-Built would like to hear of examples and ideas.

Another interesting "green" site:

Another interesting "green" site:

Jul 22
Fusion Landscaping? The Peel Region's (Ontario) ideas on how to have a great garden:

Jul 26
Interesting:RT@toolgirldotcom Hey charities, this is big - RT @unmarketing: How to Raise Money on Twitter – Tweetathon 101

With the City strike
still on I am definitely thinking of getting a "worm hotel" (Vermicomposter)

It's amazing how much kitchen waste does accumulate in a short time - not good during a garbage strike - Vermiculture is looking attractive

Jul 27
The future of building? RT @mrochte: FT article: Natural Buildings - learning from Termites #biomimicry #greenbuilding

Ideas should work in colder climates as well. RT @buildaroo: First Projected LEED Platinum Restaurant. #greenbuilding

Jul 29
Great usage of space! We need more of this - RT @skemsley Green roof on Eglinton West (Toronto) subway station -- nice!

Green material: Bamboo -

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