Friday, 22 January 2010

Affordable Housing: Innovative Design to Enable Community Building

A new aspiration for Wo-Built – combining training women in the trades with providing affordable housing!

2010 will be year of change for Wo-Built. We started with the goal in mind to train women in the trades and to give them a fighting chance to succeed in the building trades. Our love for design let us to concentrate our efforts in the home renovation market – a great place to make people’s dreams come true. Unfortunately as a training ground it has proven to be not so successful and we need to find another avenue to provide effective training.

Our other interest is to provide affordable housing on a larger scale, but with something special – innovative design that enables community building. We would like to explore this with financial partners who want to make housing a better place to live.

Combining the two would be the ultimate goal. Two social missions in one application! The thoughts are in the infancy stage, but we would be happy to talk to likeminded partners.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

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The Vision Builder said...

We were glad to find out that set up a link to this blog post on their facebook page:

Thank you for the link.

What a great mission statement: "Hard Hatted Women works to empower women to achieve economic independence by creating workplace diversity in trade and technical careers."