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Our Corso Italia Neighbourhood Involvement

Wo-Built at Venus Creation in the Neighbourhood First Anniversary Celebration, Corso Italia, Toronto, by wobuilt.comPhoto Collage: Our Corso Italia Neighbourhood Involvement
Wo-Built at Venus Creation in the Neighbourhood First Anniversary Celebration
Sunnyville Grill (1218 St. Clair Avenue West,Toronto), June 29, 2011
2011 @

Corso Italia was a happening place last week and it started all with the 1st Anniversary celebrations of Venus Creations, a grassroots community initiative by founder Joe Furtado. Following is our tribute, which will be published in the Venus Creations in the Neighbourhood magazine.

Big thank you to Venus Creations Founder Joe Furtado

Venus Creations, Joe Furtado’s brain child to help the neighbourhood merchants, celebrated its’ first anniversary in great style last week. The evening of festivities were hosted at the Sunnyville Grill by Viviana Reppas and her son Louie Reppas; and the generous spread, which included a very tasty Moussaka, was absolutely delicious. The cake kindly sponsored by Anna-Maria Deleo of Tre Mari Bakery was stunning to look at; the Venus Creations Logo, a surprise for Joe, was amazing; and the cake tasted sublime. The flower arrangements by Isabel Amaro, Amar Flowers were beautiful and added much to the atmosphere of the venue. We at Wo-Built Inc were honoured to be the facilitators of the event.

The evening kicked off with a heartfelt celebratory toast, Champagne generously provided by Joe himself, to thank him for all his hard work to make Venus Creations into the success it is today. Venus Creations was founded by Joe to help merchants in the area to weather the hard times brought on by the streetcar construction and the recession. His original idea to encourage merchants to help and support each other and generate business for each other has developed into a sense of community which will strengthen the area. The Venus Creations Magazine encourages participation by the merchants to contribute articles; it announces events and serves as a directory for services.

It was great to see so many friends and supporters celebrating this achievement and sign the special poster which was given to Joe at the end of the evening. Joe is a champion of the area and our main speaker, Tony Bolla of, summed up Joe’s achievement very well when he paraphrased Margaret Mead’s quote “A small group of thoughtful people could change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” We wish Joe and Venus Creations a very happy and successful second year.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

What do grassroots initiatives such a Venus Creations do? It is all about building relationships that will strengthen, in this case, the economic viability of the area. People will get to know each other; they refer business to each other, tell their friends and neighbours; and most importantly buy from each other. Maybe even advertise together, form partnerships and alliances. It is promoting the area from within. It is creating a sense of togetherness, trust and community and it is also nice to meet your neighbours socially. A strong core group is key to help revitalize any business area.

We fell in love with Corso Italia and we are happy to support and help community and business initiatives such a Venus Creations both with the personal touch and via Social Media. Let us know what you think about the area via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. We like to share good thoughts and thanks to our social media friends, especially Corso Italia BIA and its Coordinator Brad Watkin, we are able to spread the word about the area and its great features.

Wo-Built's Team

Big Thank You to Venus Creations in the Neighbourhood, by wobuilt.comBig Thank You to Venus Creations in the Neighbourhood
Martina Ernst' Article, page 18, July 2011, 14th Edition
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Why Venus Creations in the Neighbourhood Is Doing Great Work for Our Community?
the Friendship of Neighbours in Business

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