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What We Do: Renovating, Contracting, Building Custom Homes

Renovating, Contracting, Building Custom Homes, by wobuilt.comWo-Built Inc.: Renovating, Contracting, Building Custom Homes
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We would like to introduce our company to you as a General Contractor specializing in home renovation and custom built construction projects.


Everyone wants to live in a "dream home." That means different things to different people, but most would agree that no matter what they live in right now, it falls a little short of their dream. Many will cite sky-high real-estate prices in Toronto, the headache of selling one home and buying another, and the hassle of moving as reason enough not to pursue their dream-home vision; so, it tends to remain just that: only a dream.

Introducing Wo-Built, the Vision Builder. Dream Homes are our specialty. We are in the business of helping you create your ideal home by transforming the property you already own (we also renovate and/or transform commercial properties). No selling. No buying. No moving. Just the exciting creative process of turning the space you already know into the dream home (or office) you will truly love.

As specialists in designing and building large renovations and additions, we help you see the vision for your property realized. Our designs are innovative, green, cost-effective and always provide a "wow factor" that will impress friends, strangers…even your in-laws.

To find out more about the Company and our Dream-Renovation Program, please visit our website.


With over 50 years combined design and building experience, including involvement in several prestigious projects, the Owners have the know-how to tackle the oft-misunderstood and easily-underestimated property renewal and transformation process. We have the honesty to be up-front on estimates and the integrity to deliver on contracts.

Introducing Wo-Built, the Vision Builder. Wo-Built is a Design and Build Construction Company in the west end of the Greater Toronto Area (Ontario, Canada), offering complete design and build services for both residential and non residential clients. We specialize in commercial light construction and projects such as home extensions, additions and custom homes.

Our vision is to build the future on a foundation of timeless values: innovative designs that are, green, cost effective, always provide a wow factor and are built to last. We are also actively involved in the education, training and apprenticeship of the next generation of vision builders.

For more information about Wo-Built, the Vision Builder, please visit please visit our website.

Custom Homes

So you’re thinking about building a custom home: maybe you’ve just purchased a bungalow or piece of land, but are unsure how to go about building a custom house, let alone something you could call your dream home. Will it be completely new or a custom addition? What are the pros/cons of each option? What about zoning, permits, timelines, budgets? Wo-Built, the Vision Builder offers a one-stop-shop for your project.

Introducing Wo-Built, the Vision Builder. We offer a one-stop-shop for your construction and renovation project. Our Custom Home / Addition Service begins with consultations designed to capture your visions for your dream home. By exploring your individuality, along with your unique needs, challenges and circumstances, we can determine what will best suit you. Next, we answer any and all concerns you may have openly and honestly. We lay out just what you can expect during the building process and what you can look forward to in the final product. Then, we deliver; keeping you informed every step of the way.

This is how Wo-Built envisions and creates dream building projects from start to finish. We want our customers to tell others about the integrity and reliability of their builder…the Vision Builder…Wo-Built.

For more information about the Company and our services, please visit please visit our website.

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