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Indoor Landscapes: Companies See the Light of a whole New Level of "wow, cool!"

Indoor Landscapes: Interior Plants, Office Landscaping, image montage by wobuilt.comImage Montage by Wo-Built: Indoor Landscapes
Image Credits: Travels with Zen-Aida +
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Companies are beginning to embrace the notion of indoor landscapes with more enthusiasm, and it’s no wonder why. The business case is compelling; the players impressive; the wow-factor seductive.

eFig, a U.K.-based non-profit trade association of interior landscapers, have collected a number of reasons why organizations of all sizes and types should invest in professionally installed and maintained plants. Their list of benefits cites various researchers and studies that back up each claim.

The benefits of indoor landscapes to business begin with making a positive impression in reception and sales areas, to reduction in stress, sickness and absenteeism in employees, and an increase in overall productivity. But business leaders should be weary of that word: maintained.

There is something else at work in the mad rush to green interior spaces. It has something to do with what you might call the “wow, cool!” factor; not to mention landscape designers’ determination to “turf” existing notions of what’s “doable” indoors. Consider the following installations.

Indoor Landscapes: Grass Walls, Grass Floors, image montage by wobuilt.comImage Montage by Wo-Built: “Turf” your notions about what’s “doable.”
Above Left: Grass floor key part of Hassell’s design for PTTEP’s new 46,000 sqm Headquarters.
Image Credit: HASSELL: Projects - PTTEP Headquarters;

Above Right: Grass walls by Heather Ackroyd & Dan Harvey transform church.
Read more: Inhabitat - Sustainable Design Innovation, Eco Architecture,
Green Building: Living Grass Walls Completely
Cover the Interior of London's Dilston Grove Gallery!
Image Credit: Ackroyd & Harvey: Dilston Grove

That’s all well and good, but there’s a problem. Plants are alive. And, like all living things, they are dependent on their environment. Traditional / conventional buildings are notoriously “sick.” Adding some plants may improve things on one level, we may be creating more problems than we know.

Living walls costing tens of thousands of dollars in plant replacement costs; putrefying soil having detrimental effects on indoor air quality; inappropriate water usage causing more harm to plants than good. Interior landscapers will say anything is doable—even maintainable—but is it really sustainable?

Wo-Built loves “wow, cool!” And we would never have created Peapod Life if we didn’t believe in the benefits of indoor landscapes and healthier spaces. But we also know life comes with strings. We don’t overpromise. And with all-glass designs, you can count on the fact that transparency is our business.

Peapod Life is unique
. It’s not about forcing living landscapes into sick buildings or dead spaces in the hopes of healing or resuscitating them. We build autonomous living spaces from the ground up, with an eye on creating fully integrated indoor ecosystems that are beautiful, cost effective and sustainable.

Peapod Life is based on biomimetic design & build philosophies. Our mission is to create sustainable indoor ecosystems supported by living structures that maximize the benefits for all life, especially our clients. Forget about what’s doable. See the natural light of what’s actually livable. Peapod Life.

Yeah, with Wo-Built, you could say it’s time for a whole new level of "wow, cool."

Attila Lendvai
VP of Strategic Development
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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