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Plants, People and Music Part 1: Listen for Life

Connection between Biological Wellness and Music: Plants, People and Music, collage by
Collage: Plants, People and Music
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Shakespeare Quotations on Music
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The Connection between Biological Wellness and Music
It goes without saying that humans love music. Why not plants?

We are not the first to pose this question. Since the 1950’s everyone from scientists to botanists to curious students (think: science fair projects) have explored the effects of music on plants.

An online search of common databases will return contrary results, such as "no scientific research has been done" to "many controlled experiments by scientists have been performed."

So, with that in mind, after a fair bit of researching, it does seem that:
  1. Music does have a profound influence on the growth of plants; and,
  2. Classical music seems to have a much better influence on plants than heavy metal, rap, rock, or even country music.
Why might this be so?

Generally speaking, people know the difference between music people like and beautiful music. That is, while most contemporary genres of music (from rock to RAP, heavy metal, jazz, pop, etc.) might be fun to listen to (or even dance to), they just don’t have the same melodic / harmonic / rhythmic qualities as most classical, choral, sacred, traditional, acoustic music from around the world.

Consider also the kind of music that’s played in spas and during massage, reiki, meditation, and/or yoga sessions. We know intuitively what tones, harmonies, melodies, etc. are relaxing, rejuvenating, etc.

It turns out many professional greenhouses already play classical music for their plants. We doubt they would be doing it if it had no positive effect.

Wo-Built wholeheartedly believes in the healing power of music both for people and plants. That’s why Peapod Life will incorporate sound in new and exciting ways. Stay tuned!

Attila Lendvai
VP of Strategic Development
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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