Thursday, 17 January 2013

Top Five Design Ideas for Kitchens

Kitchen renovation: Wo-Built's top kitchen design ideas
Screenshot: Kitchen Gallery Webpage of Wo-Built Inc: the Vision Builder
From L to R: Kitchen renovation to give the kitchen a new lease on life with a completely new look.
New kitchen integrated into open-concept space matching existing furniture with new kitchen cabinets.
New open plan kitchen designed and built to fit into open-concept space and make the kitchen a focal point.
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Over the years we have asked ourselves what made some of the kitchen spaces more successful than others. Hence, we have come up with our list of top best design ideas for kitchens:
  • 1. The kitchen is the heart of the house;
  • 2. Make the kitchen bright and light;
  • 3. Make the kitchen a multi-functional social space;
  • 4. Explore natural textures and materials;
  • 5. Bring nature into the space.

1. The kitchen is the heart of the house

The kitchen is the heart of the house; it becomes the center for living and entertaining, a social hub for the family and guests. So we found that by providing a semi or complete open concept between the kitchen and the living area enables a much better interaction and communication.Open concept also gives the illusion of more space and often facilitates having more light in the space, because more windows can contribute to the light level. Neutral light not bold trendy colours also help by having better light reflection, making the space look brighter. Which leads to the second top idea:

2. Make the kitchen bright and light: highlight surfaces and provide focal points

The kitchen designs were most successful if a lot of daylight could be provided and make the kitchen bright and light. This had to be enhanced by energy efficient task lighting and general lighting which highlight surfaces and provide focal points.

3. Make the kitchen a multi-functional social space for the family and guests

Technology such WiFi, homework nook, extra electrical outlets for computers, a place for a TV also contribute in making the kitchen a multi-functional social space.

4. Explore natural textures and materials: environmentally friendly sustainable kitchen

As our emphasis is always about green building and sustainability some of the ideas revolved around the choice of materials. In open concept spaces it is nicer to have the same floor treatment in the living area and the kitchen. Good choices are Bamboo and Cork (good because they grow fast, but have large transportation impacts). Natural materials for countertops are preferable. Unfortunately granite and marble have a large footprint as they have to be transported over large distances, but soapstone and concrete counters are alternatives.

5. Bring nature into the space and provide a stunning effect to your kitchen

And, of course, one design idea we can always recommend. Bringing nature into the space. Our next evolution in kitchen designs. Eco-systems that provide, air, food and well being. Stay tuned for updates.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build

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