Tuesday, 13 May 2014

A Unique Look at Living Space:
This Box Gives New Meaning to “Outside the Box”

“Think outside the box” is so inside the box!

So you’re confronted with it: an empty room with only a rather innocent-looking (or is it ominous-looking?) box awaiting you.

You approach it with trepidation and perhaps some tepid curiosity. It looks innocent enough; there’s nothing particularly special about the markings or materials. Entirely unremarkable. But curiosity gets the best of you. Moving in for a closer look, you find latches and hinges.

You really have no choice but to begin fiddling with it.

Well that was unexpected. It’s clearly a configurable box, and it’s beginning to configure itself in the empty space of the room.

A little more configuration reveals the contents of the box. They will need to be removed and arranged, but into what?

Removing the top piece, you seem to have created…ANOTHER BOX! This is either a very good sign or a sign of regression.  But let’s continue…

Great. MORE BOXES! Still, I doubt anyone would have gone to these lengths to play a practical joke on you. There must be SOMETHING worth getting at, so let’s continue our configuration.

Still more boxes within boxes.

Is that a little stool for the desk? Things are beginning to look up.

A closet appears to be forming in the corner…

I don’t know about you, but I’m beginning to get the sense there’s more to this box than meets the eye: is that a mini wardrobe and a shelving unit?

I’m getting the distinct impression this box belongs in a college dorm room…

…or a Jr. bachelor apartment in Tokyo.

If our eyes don’t deceive us, that’s a bed…

…complete with wardrobe and plenty of storage…

…for all the stuff you could need in your bedroom!

At Wo-Built, we’re all about clever use of space and get a kick out of innovations like this complete bedroom set in a box.

We hope you got a kick out of it too. And for more kicks, checkout the video, below! (Also for those sceptics who are thinking to themselves: “yeah, but it probably takes FOREVER to take apart and set-up!”).

Well, the video is UNDER 3 MINUTES, so you be the judge!

VIDEO: Room in a Box: complete room packs into a small cube! by UpBeatnik
Source: YouTube: Uploaded by UpBeatnik

Attila Lendvai
VP of Strategic Development
Wo-Built Inc. - Innovative Design and Build
Project Director
PeapodLife - Advanced Human Habitat via Building EcoSystems & Technology

* Images and Original Story Source: It Looks Like A Boring Box In A Room. But What Came Out Of It Blew My Non-Engineering Mind.

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