Monday, 16 November 2015

We helped staffing Casavant's booth at The Property Show on November 7th

News Flash: 

For the First Time Casavant went to the Public with their One-stop-shop Home Buying Process 'The Casavant Way'  at The Property Show......

and we were there to share in their success.

Casavant Corporation at the The Property Show, November 7th, Holiday Inn Toronto International Airport.

On the afternoon before the show we got a last minute deal for a booth at the show to showcase the unique One-stop-shop Home Buying process that includes REALTOR(R) Services, Mortgage Services and Home Improvement Services in one seamless process - The CASAVANT Way. Of course we scrambled madly to put show specific material together. 

The management at Casavant was thrilled to be at the show as the show caters to small to medium investors who want to invest in real estate. The Casavant Way is perfect for Investors as it mitigates risk throughout the home buying process, especially for any renovations that need to be done. Because our contractors are performance bonded, hence on the hook financially if something goes wrong to the amount of 1.5 times the value of a contract or progress payment, any client can be assured that the work gets done on time, on budget and with good quality. Also, because of the process, the renovations can be included on the first mortgage.   

If you want to find out more about The Casavant Way please go to:

The show was a great success for Casavant. We had a constant flow of people who wanted information on The Casavant Way, and when they heard how the process worked they loved it. The most heard comment was: "This is amazing, I have not heard of this before." or "This is really useful." For us it was great to hear everyone's enthusiastic remarks and comments. This was the first time the public was introduced to the process and we know this is a winner. We at Wo-Built are glad we are partners with Casavant.

If you want to contact Casavant Corporation please call Mike Roberts at 416 494 1973 or send him an e-mail at

Martina Ernst

President and CEO Wo-Built Inc




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