Tuesday, 6 February 2007

About Us

Wo-Built Inc.::The Vision Builder
Where Building Supports Living Dream

Wo-Built Inc - Building Renovations...With a Woman's Touch
Wo-Built offers complete design and build services for light construction and remodeling projects using where possible the unique talents of women. Experienced with great flair for design, conscientious attention to detail in the execution, committed to care and since they are women bringing a woman’s touch to the work.
Wo-Built Inc - stands for quality and style
Having recognized that women are well suited for this type of construction Wo-Built’s social mission is to help women to play a bigger role in construction by giving women employment opportunities in construction and by training those who aspire to be in the trades.
Wo-Built Inc - provides women with opportunities to fulfill their dreams
Wo-Built uses the unique talents of its founders; having substantial experience in design, project management, building and construction; to provide a comprehensive and stylish result. Wo-Built endeavors to meet or exceed the customers’ expectations at every instant. A proven track record shows the ability to manage complex situations with many parts and lots of challenges. The approach is flexible and dynamic.
Wo-Built Inc - helps clients to bring out their individuality, enjoy their spaces and create wonderfully comfortable places
Wo-Built’s management have architectural backgrounds and understand the importance of design. Wo-Built has great affiliations with talented designers and trades people to make clients’ visions come true and to fulfill dreams.

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phone: 416-402-2679

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