Thursday, 1 February 2007

Welcome to Wobuilt's blog


I would like to welcome you to Wo-Built Inc’s information and discussion forum where women in the building industry are invited to tell their stories, to give mentoring advice, to inform about construction and building issues and to let the world know about their experiences.

Wo-Built Inc helps women enter and thrive in the building and construction industry. We are especially interested in helping women enter the skilled trades. This forum is established to showcase women’s achievements, tell about Wo-Built’s progress and initiatives and to encourage participation in our vision of having more women actively participating in the construction industry.

Women have a lot to offer to the building industry and the building industry can offer great career opportunities to women. This forum is a vehicle for encouragement and progress to connect these two sides of the same coin.

Though the emphasis is on women, we love to hear the male perspective as well. We believe this forum could also act as a place to share information for better understanding and working in construction environments.

Our president Elida Huignard and I look forward to a great dialogue with you.

Martina Ernst


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