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Unique Spaces – Is your home really you? - Part 2

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If you want to be the real you in your life and home, ask yourself what kind of person do you want to be and how do you want it represented in your space? What are your values and passions?

More specifically:
What are some things that you enjoyed doing before you got caught up in life?
What do you enjoy to do now?
What are your hobbies? Favourite topics of conversation? Types of books you like to read?
These questions can give a coach or professional insights into who their clients are as well as help them remember what they’re about.

Self Care and Personal Energy.

Some people have asked me “What does this have to do with our environments?” I always say, “A lot!” Our outside world is a reflection of us. If you have great energy you’ll attract situations, people and things with great energy. With great energy, we become less tired and have the drive and motivation to do anything in our lives without excuses.

If you don’t take care of your health and well-being, START!
No daily pleasures? Figure out what they are and ENJOY THEM!
If you don’t engage in activities that make your heart sing and make time fly, MAKE TIME FOR THEM!

Insight and Clarity

Once you have greater clarity about whom you are and have the energy to be it consistently you can now translate it to your space.

Pick and choose items that hold positive meaning and association for YOU at all times so that you feel good energy and keep your focus on things and circumstances that will draw more good things in your life. Honour the items you do choose. Remember your space is about you so don’t be afraid to let it shine!

Ayanna McAlmont is a Home and Life Guide based in Oakville, Ontario. In her company Blue Door Solutions, she guides homeowners to have homes which reflect who they are at heart. She says ”when your inner world changes, the outer world will change to reflect who the person has become.” Visit her at or contact her on

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