Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Wo-Built's Design & Build Philosophy

Notes from the Desk of Martina Ernst:
1) Thank Ari Berman for his contribution to the Information Forum
2) Write about Wo-Built's Design & Build Philosophy
Ari Berman’s editorial comments on traditional construction projects versus Design & Build projects reflect some of the reasons why we wanted to be a Design & Build contractor. My heartfelt thanks for your contribution Ari.

Our values are very much anchored in professionalism and customer service and we felt we could best serve our customers by providing a total Design & Build experience. Both Elida Huignard and I have architectural backgrounds and we know the importance of upfront planning and communication between designer and contractor. Combining the two functions under one roof enables faster and better communications, hence making design changes less likely during the construction phase.

The upfront involvement also allows for better planning of necessary resources, both labour and material. Better planning usually results in more efficient use of these resources, reducing delays and last minute high cost purchases. Quality generally is higher with upfront planning and expectations are managed on all sides. Often the most important aspect of a good renovation or construction project is knowing what comes next and what to expect next.

Both Elida and I have worked on large projects in the past and we know the importance of budget restraints, cost planning, adherence to deadlines and the importance of great quality work. The design and build process gives us the confidence to be able to deliver a great quality product and leave a client happy.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc

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