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Messages from Water

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About two years ago I learned about these amazing experiments conducted by a Japanese scientist named Dr. Emoto, where he observed how water crystals formed based on the type of words and environments he subjected the water to. He would put water in vessels, tape negative words on some and positive words on others. He then froze the water and observed the patterns and what he found was truly amazing. The positive words yielded beautiful, symmetrical crystals whereas the negative words yielded "less beautiful" and misshapen crystals. So it makes me think and assume, if our bodies are composed of about 70% water, what are the effects of our thoughts, imagery, items in our environment and feelings on our health?

Do you have items in your home things that support you and offer positive associations?

1. Start in areas of your home which are sacred to you.

These could be areas such as your bedroom, office or living room. Do you have books or magazines or maybe art or furniture that holds negative words, imagery or associations for you? If so, remove them and replace with items that are more positive.

2. Do you watch TV before sleeping or fall asleep to the news?

The bedroom is intended for rest and relaxation, and we all know how important sleep is to good health! Also, the negative information that the news constantly spits out can disrupt our sleep.

3. Add life to your home.

Bring plants and flowers into your home. It has been proven by NASA that certain species of plants such as Dracaena (Janet Craig), Pot Mum, Peace Lily, English Ivy and Gerbera Daisy is amazing at removing formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from indoor air as well as uplifting our spirits.

4. How do you communicate with others and with yourself?

Are the conversations mostly negative? Do you speak badly about yourself and others on a regular basis? Do you negatively judge people and situations unfairly? Consider decreasing gossip and speak from a positive point of view.

Although I have given you some tips to consider, it’s most important trust yourself about what makes you feel good and throw out the rule book on what you should and should not keep around you because who knows you better than you?

Ayanna McAlmont is a Home and Life Guide based in Oakville, Ontario. In her company Blue Door Solutions, she guides homeowners to have homes which reflect who they are at heart. She says ”when your inner world changes, the outer world will change to reflect who the person has become.” Visit her at or contact her on

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