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Renovation Design Tips: Design Time

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Tip 2: Design Time
The design time for your addition or renovation will vary, depending on how complicated the design is, how quickly decisions can be made and how firm your ideas are. If your project will have to go to the Committee of Adjustment for approval, it will extend the projected time frame by at least two months. In the (GTA) Greater Toronto Area, Committee of Adjustment sessions are booked well in advance and only meet once a month. So you should book your appointment as soon as you know that your case will have to be presented. On the positive side, the drawings required for the Committee can be far less detailed than the permit drawings. Following the meeting, you will have a waiting time of 20 days even if no objections are raised. This is to allow the public time to raise an objection if they have any concerns with your planned project.

During that time period, you can put the finishing touches to your design and the permit drawings can be prepared. Once you have received approval for your planned project, the permit process can be as short as 10 days if all your documentation is in order. The more information that can be included in the drawings the faster the process will be. It will minimize any questions and/or requests for an amendment to your design.

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