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Renovation Design Tips: Professionals Involved in the Design

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Tip 3: Professionals involved in the design
A design professional is a given during the design process of an addition or a more extensive renovation, however, you should also hire an engineering expert to join your team, especially if your home / building is of a certain age. For instance, if you were thinking of a second floor addition you will need to have an engineer inspect your existing foundation and to determine the capability of the soil to carry the extra weight.

There is usually a predominant soil condition in any given area, however due to historical factors such as mining, leveling and filling, the local conditions of your house may be completely different. The foundation design would then be adjusted according to the engineer's findings, therefore preventing any structural problems at a later date. It is to your advantage to know all this information before you start construction of your project to minimize any unpleasant surprises and /or costly alteration to the design.

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