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Home Maintenance Costs: A Breakdown of the Facts

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Did you know that routine home maintenance will cost you an average of 1% - 3% of your home’s actual sale price annually? No matter how conscientious you are many things in your house won’t last forever. Eventually things in your home will need to be repaired or failing that, they will need to be replaced. The more diligent you are in keeping up with home care, the less surprised you will be when major expenses crop up down the road.

The cost of fixing or replacing some of these items will keep going up an average of 10% - 20% a year. Below is a list of the estimated life expectancy of items in your home.

Average Life Expectancy List:
  • a) Dishwasher- Five to Twelve years
  • b) Garbage Disposal - Five to Twelve years
  • c) Washer - Five to Fifteen years
  • d) Dryer – Ten to Twenty-five years
  • e) Water Heater- Five to Fifteen years
  • f) Electric Water Heater - Ten to Fifteen Years
  • g) Refrigerators - Fifteen to Twenty years
  • h) Gas Stoves - Fifteen to Twenty years
  • i) Oven and Range – Fifteen to Twenty years
  • j) Warm Air Furnace – Ten to Twenty-five years
  • k) Oil Tank - Twenty years
  • l) Central Air - Ten to Fifteen years
  • m) Heat Pumps - Ten to Fifteen years
  • n) Gas Chillers- Eight to Fifteen years
  • o) Water/Steam Boiler Welded Steel- Fifteen to Thirty years
  • p) Water/steam Boiler Cast Iron- Thirty- Fifty years
  • q) Water Pipes- Twenty to Twenty-five years
  • r) Septic/Sewer Pump - Five to Ten years
  • s) Roofs, Gutters and Downspouts - Twelve to Fifteen years
  • t) Wood Shingles - Ten to Twenty years
  • u) Fiberglass – Fifteen to Twenty years
Deborah McKenna
Senior Construction Project Management / Interior Designer
Wo-Built Inc.

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By James And Morris Carey, THE ASSOCIATED PRESS

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