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Kitchen Lighting Trends

Wo-Built Kitchen Design Lighting TrendsKitchen Lighting Trends: Kitchen
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When considering a kitchen renovation it’s important to be in the know about what the current trends are. In the following few weeks Wo-Built will look at some of the emerging trends this season so that your kitchen can be as fashionable as it is functional!

4. Kitchen Lighting Trends

The proper lighting in your kitchen can also make a big statement. Recessed lighting is a good foundation for general lighting but a kitchen can require a lot more depending on its design. Under-cabinet lighting may be needed to increase its functionality. One might also consider some form of accent lighting or mood lighting. If your kitchen has the proper lighting it can set the tone of your kitchen by making the atmosphere more inviting. Should you choose to exhibit some artwork in the design of your kitchen, suitable lighting would be needed to display it in a favorable light (no pun intended). Being creative when designing your lighting plan can make a big impact on the overall design and mood of your kitchen.
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