Thursday, 11 June 2009

Turning Your Dream Home Into a Reality (Again !!!!)

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10 sizzling ideas to get you exploring the possibilities of your house.
Let’s face it: selling up, moving out and finding a new home is hassle. You like the neighbourhood, your kids go to school nearby, you have lots of fond memories of the house you live in and the new house will need renovations anyway (who wants to live in someone else’s tastes?). Also the economy has tanked. But your home does not meet your needs anymore, the kids require more space, the kitchen is dated and the décor you once thought as charming is now horribly depressing (sounds familiar? Reality shows have been designed around this theme).

But renovations are scary! You heard lots of stories, the work will disrupt the family and will it really be worth it? ….

Absolutely, if you want to stay for many years to come.

If the issue is a need for more space or the need for a bigger house why not consider an addition or an extension to your existing home? The design and build process may just be the answer to your need for added space dilemma. The design element of the whole project is the fun part because you get to wish and dream of what the potential might be and what the finished project might look like… and …..find out at the same time how much it will cost.

The key to making your dream home a reality and adding that wow factor is good communication with your design and build team.

A good designer will help immeasurably by looking at the existing space in your home and considering your wish list and coming up with real possibilities that can make your home the house of your dreams again. The builder component in the team will check the costs and keep it real.

Just some ideas to get you dreaming:
  1. How about a new bedroom above an existing extension?
  2. New bathroom or having your own en-suite?
  3. How about your own spa?
  4. How about a conservatory or sunroom?
  5. Mezzanines, overlooking living areas?
  6. Open concept kitchen?
  7. How about a deck on top of your extension?
  8. How about a "green roof"?
  9. Or your own private attic retreat?
  10. Or if you are really want to increase your space how about a complete second floor addition.

As a bonus an addition or extension will add value to your home should you decide to sell further down the road.

Let’s face it: exploring the possibilities of the home you have is really your starting point for an exciting journey of discovery and we can help you.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

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