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A Renovation Company‘s Rites of Passage – Our Evolving Missions and Commitments

Collage: A renovation company‘s rites of passage – our evolving missions and commitments, by wobuiltCollage: A renovation company‘s rites of passage –
our evolving missions and commitments

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Occasionally I feel the need to tell everyone how proud we are of the company we are constantly evolving. It has now been almost 6 month since our New Year message and it is time again for an update.

Despite the recession we are designing and building numerous home improvement projects of various sizes and we are more than ever committed to providing great design with affordability. We provide detailed cost breakdowns of the projects on an ongoing basis throughout the design period and keep track of the costs during the construction.

We have now added an environmental mandate starting by offering "green roofs", mainly because we are trying to incorporate new technologies in our designs to combine the wow-factor with practical solutions. Any reduction in our carbon footprint will be a step towards environmental responsibility. Our Maintenance Plan initiative also helps the cause as a well-maintained home can reduce energy consumption.

Our renovation tips have been well received and we are now holding design workshops on a regular basis and the one about kitchens and bathrooms was a great hit. Over the last six months it has become very clear to us that we love the design aspect of our design and build process and that we would like to share our passion for design with the community.

We are still working on our mandate to create more women renovators, but truthfully it has been slow, but we are committed to the cause. We are still trying to have training courses for women and hopefully by the end of the year we will be able to report success. As part of this effort Elida volunteered her expertise at the Habitat for Humanity Women’s Blitz earlier in the season. Where we can, we like to help Habitat for Humanity, especially with donating reusable items. We have met many interesting women in our journey and one of them is now a regular writer on our forum (Janice Bell of Bell Renovations).

Even though our community work is important to us our main focus are our clients. We are grateful and excited at the opportunities that are presented to us in every new project. One of our last year’s projects was nominated as a finalist in the prestigious BILD awards. A proud moment for our client and us. Our aim is to share many of these moments in the future with our clients.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

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