Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Interesting Reading: Women Who Build Homes

Screenshot: Homebuilding Industry: A few good women who build homesScreenshot: Homebuilding Industry: A few good women
by Barbara Silverstein, Special to the Star, Jul 18, 2009
Illustration by Raffi Anderian / Toronto Star
Credit: News & Features: Homebuilding Industry: A few good women
There aren't many women who build homes, but those who do say they are perfectly suited to the task
Jul 18, 2009 04:30 AM
Barbara Silverstein
Special to the Star

For everyone who does not read the Toronto Star. We loved this article. It is great to see women succeed in the building industry.

As a young, women run construction company ourselves we have to agree that the home building industry is a great place for women. What we love about the industry that there are always exciting challenges in both small and large projects. We are design focused and welcome the opportunities to make spaces unique, customized and ecologically friendly for our clients.

We are committed to helping women succeed in the industry and it is great to have examples like Julie Di Lorenzo, Co-President of Diamante Development Corp., Mary Lawson, Vice-President and General Manager of Dalerose Country Homes, and Laurie Gordon, President of Berkshire Homes mentioned in the article.

Martina Ernst

links: We Were Mentioned in the Star Building on women's skills: Etobicoke contracting firm encourages more to consider give their careers a finishing touch
by Donna Laporte, REAL ESTATE Reporter, The Toronto Star

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