Thursday, 23 July 2009

Visit the New Updated About Us Page

Screenshot: Wo-Built's new updated About Us pageScreenshot: Wo-Built's new updated About Us page

Check out the new About Us page here and learn more about our construction company.
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Wo-Built Is All About Making Dreams Come True!

Wo-Built Inc. is a design and build company with difference. We are a female-led renovation company located in the Greater Toronto Area, Ontario, Canada and we present some compelling advantages over other renovation firms.

We offer complete design and build services for construction, renovation and remodelling projects with our unique program called "Your Dream House". It starts with a 90-minute assessment and questionnaire of the homeowner's vision for making their space into reality. Our extensive architectural background is instrumental in understanding the importance of how design has an impact on a particular renovation or remodelling project.

We also recognize the importance of your budget and will always make every effort to be cost-effective. Although our specialty is in front and rear extensions, 2nd floor additions and extensive interior remodelling, we are able to accommodate many other renovation projects that you might have in mind.

Due to popular demand our services have been expanded to include in-house kitchen designs and remodelling and a variety of home maintenance service plans to make your life easier. We also extended experience in commercial renovations and remodelling.

Our passion is energy conversation and "green" building and we strive to minimize the ecological footprint in all our projects.

We use the distinctive talents of women where possible and are committed to care and to bringing our unique ‘Woman’s Touch’ to every project.

Our name is synonymous with quality and style.

Wo-Built endeavours to meet or exceed our customer's expectations at every instant!

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