Friday, 23 October 2009

How About a Design Competition? Design Your Dream House

How About a Design Competition? Design Your "Dream House"
I would like to talk about a new idea we are toiling with at the moment.

We created the "Dream House Assessment" that helps the home owners to communicate their ideas of an ideal renovation and home; hence over the last year we had a lot of time to think about what a "Dream House" is. People spend a lot of money to have additions to their homes, but the situation, the existing house and the bylaws often result in constraints. So, do we really achieve "Dream Houses" or are we falling short?

My idea of a "Dream House" consists of a large greenhouse with living quarters and office space attached. Our supervisor’s idea is to have a tree house. One of our staff considers a condo her "Dream" environment. We all have stories to tell, why we have these visions of a perfect home.

Hence we are thinking of having a design competition which explores the concept of the "Dream House". And we are interested in hearing the stories about them.
Over the next few weeks we will announce the rules for the completion and there will be a price, a photo op and a byline at the end of the competition. So stay tuned.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

links: Design It: Shelter Competition
"On the occasion of the exhibitions Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward and Learning By Doing, the Guggenheim and Google SketchUp invited amateur and professional designers from around the world to submit a 3-D shelter for any location in the world using Google SketchUp and Google Earth.
Winners for the People's Prize and the Juried Prize have now been announced. Congratulations to David Mares of Setúbal, Portugal, winner of the People's Prize for CBS – Cork Block Shelter; and David Eltang, hailing from Aarhus, Denmark, winner of the Juried Prize for his design, SeaShelter!" 2010 METROPOLIS Next Generation Design Competition
The Metropolis Next Generation® Design Competition was created in 2003 to promote activism, social involvement, and entrepreneurship in young designers.

CALL FOR ENTRIES: DEADLINE: January 29, 2010 Architecture Competitions
Competitions: If you have details of a competition you would like us to publish, then please email us with brief details, the closing date, and the web address where further details can be found. We are happy to add your details free of charge: Design Your Dream House Contest
"Dream House": You have traveled the world, seen wondrous sights, and still, when you approach this habitat, you have to stop and gaze! Never before have you seen such a well designed home. A house so aesthetically mesmerizing and completely at peace with its surroundings. This residence instills a sense of awe and you find yourself suddenly envious of its owners. Mentally your "creative drive" vows to design something equally as captivating! No, even surpassing! You set off to "Design Your Dream House".

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