Friday, 4 June 2010

Toronto by Night: It Was a Hot Night on the Town

Photo Collage: The Full Moon Fire Jam at Kensington Market in Toronto
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Ever wonder what happens in Toronto after the sun goes down? Well this week, I visited with some people at Bellevue Square Park in the Kensington Market, who enjoy the night and who have a passion for fire and play. It was a "fire jam" where fire spinners, fire jugglers and other flaming entertainers come together for an evening of showing their skills on one of the city's dry splash pads. Flaming poi, staffs and fans and eating torches were all well represented there - even a flaming bull whip.

In the safety of bright twilight, before the real talent lit up, I tried the more simple manoeuvres of the practice pois. After about a half hour and with nightfall rapidly approaching, I decided the little bruises I acquired were a sign that I should not try this with fire. However, I was not disappointed because the performances that evening were....illuminating.

With J9 on the staff, Scarlet on the poi, Ari (another one, not me) on the bull whip and JQ on the flaming balls it was a hot night on the town. Actually, it really was. Each time the fire eater blew out flames, it warmed the air all over the splash pad.

There was also another skill demonstrated that night. It was a fire jam spa session where the girls lined up for depilation. Not hot wax, not razor and cream, but flaming hair removal! it was fast, painless (so they told me) and smooth as a baby's bum when done. I'll just have to take their word on it. For a brief moment, I thought about having them try to tidy up my Ignatieff eyebrows, but that was a really brief moment.

It's really dark when the show gets into its rhythm, so there are more bad pictures than good ones. Also, given that the performers are all playing with fire, I stayed a respectful distance from the action. That said, here are some of the highlights of what you can find in Toronto late at night when the kids are in bed.
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