Thursday, 3 June 2010

Wobinna and Friends: The Joys of Shop Class!

Wo-Built: Wobinna and Friends: The Joys of Shop Class, illustrations by Dawn PalfreymanComic Strip: Wobinna & Friends: The Joys of Shop Class!
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

... as time goes by ...

Panel 1

Wobinna must choose her course selection for grade 11. She and her Mom get comfortable on the couch and go thru all the options available to her.

Mom (excitedly): Oooh, wood shop, you should take that!!!

Wobinna (happily responding): That would fit!! PERFECT!

Panel 2

After finishing her first shop class, she puts her tools away into her locker. The girls just finishing their home economics class are whispering.

Blonde girl to her brunette friend (incredulously): Can you believe she has shop class?!

Two of Wobinna’s classmates spot her: There she is!!

Panel 3

Wobinna and her two (male) classmates are joking around in the school hallway while the Home Ec. girls look on enviously.

Brunette to her blonde friend: …and that’s not all she has!!

Hope you enjoyed this strip.
Look for a new Wobinna adventure next week.

Wo-Built Inc. is dedicated to women in the trades. We created Wobinna & Friends to encourage women to look at the construction industry as an alternative career choice with a multitude of options. Wobinna & Friends is interested in all aspects of the construction industry. We would like to see more women explore the many opportunities open to them and become successful.

Wobinna & Friends and any associated characters, storylines and/or merchandise are the sole property and copyright of Wo-Built Inc. This includes all media.

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