Tuesday, 21 September 2010

A Little Culinary Gem in Corso Italia: Sunnyville Grill

culinary gem Corso Italia: Sunnyville Grill, photo by wobuiltPhoto Collage: Sunnyville Grill - Little Culinary Gem
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Having been in our new home, Corso Italia, for more than a few months now, we’ve had the opportunity to experience many of its culinary dee-lites. One little gem we’ve discovered is a place called the Sunnyville Grill. Located at 1218 St. Clair Ave. W., it’s a fairly new business to the area, but it has all the ingredients required of a good eatery. A warm and friendly ambiance, wonderful home-cooked food and reasonable prices. As a family-run business, Mom helps out in the kitchen, hence all the delicious comfort foods, while Loui, the owner, tours the entire café making sure things are running smoothly at all times. In short it’s one of our favorite destinations for a lunch-time break.

Sunnyville Grill also offers a wonderful catering service for events in the area. As a new business in the immediate area we have had the opportunity to use their catering services for a business meeting and can report first hand what a wonderful experience it was. Their service was prompt, the food was plentiful and all the dishes were freshly prepared. There was a good variety of food to choose from and judging from everyone's comments and the empty plates, all the food was delicious.

We will keep you posted on our many culinary adventures in the neighborhood, so check into our forum from time to time.

Lonya Miller,
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"The space has been turned into Sunnyville Grill. They offer all day breakfast. I've only been the once--the eggs were cooked to order and the staff were eager. The decor is basic, but it's much better value than Boom."
By mikeb on Feb 02, 2010 08:39AM

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