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Wobinna’s Dream Home Contest: Submission #5 Houseboat

Wo-Built Inc. Design Competition 2010 Wobinna Your Dream House: Houseboat, illustration by Dawn PalfreymanImage: Design Competition 2010
Wobinna Wants to Know: What's Your Dream House? Is It ...
#5. Freedom on the Open Waters in Your Very Own Cozy Houseboat ...
Illustration by Dawn Palfreyman
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Another great design idea from Lonya, our Wo-Built writer, for the dream house competition examples.

The Houseboat
My goodness! If you’re willing to dream - the housing options seem endless. Another intriguing idea of a dream house is that of a houseboat. Surprisingly, on discussion about this idea – two different ideas emerged. One was that of a floating but stationary house in a floating marina, no less.

MY idea of a houseboat would actually BE on a boat (not a good idea if you get seasick, but as it happens, I don’t). I think by now everyone knows I love a space that is compact – nothing too big (too much cleaning and maintenance) but the appeal of a compact space is also that of its coziness. I’ve seen some luxury houseboats that were totally massive and could accommodate a whole tribe, but that’s not what I would find appealing.

This idea intrigues me, as well, because of the home’s movable ability. Sort of like a tortoise with its shell on its back, your home goes with you wherever you want to go. Have an argument with your neighbors? Move your boat further down the river. Just want a change of scenery? Move your boat to a more pleasing surrounding. And another redeeming quality would be there is no need for a car! Another green idea!

What I would want personally inside MY houseboat would be sort of like an apartment, except that it would just be on a boat. It would have a kitchenette, and a reasonably sized but cozy dining and family area. It would have to have a separate sleeping area or two (for guests) with adjoining washrooms. A small deck might be nice to be able to sit outside on a nice day.

This turtle thinks it would be lots of fun to see more of the world with my own oasis in tow and not worry about noisy neighbors, hotel rooms and timelines. And, if this turtle hits a nice spot and some good weather it just might stay afloat for awhile!
Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

Here are our 5 great ideas for design concept of the dream house or home: conservatory, tree house, grand staircase, condo, and houseboat.

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