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Home Decor: Hailey's Hot Tip of the Week: Save Energy and Money This Holiday Season

Home Decor: Save Energy and Money This Holiday Season: Hailey's Hot Tips, by wobuilt.comSave Energy and Money This Holiday Season
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Save a bundle over the holidays using these simple energy saving ideas:
  • Cold water for laundry
  • Timers for lights
  • House temperature down
  • Full load (dishwasher / washing machine)
  • Water heater temperature down
[ V ] Do all your laundry using only cold water (unless you are sanitizing items like cloth baby diapers).

[ V ] Make sure your porch light and holiday lights are all on timers.

[ V ] Turn down the thermostat as low as you can adjust to. We keep ours at 69 degrees rather than some homes at 72, and we use each other and cozy clothes to stay warm.

[ V ] Don't run your dishwasher or your washing machine until you truly have a full load, as you'll use the same energy either way.

[ V ] Turn down the temperature of your water heater. Wait an hour. Stand at the tap; let the water reach it's hottest point, and test it with your finger, carefully, and then your wrist. If it's too hot to bathe in, why waste energy and money heating the water that hot, only to have to cool it down. Instead, lower your water heater temperature until the hottest temperature you can get from your taps is just perfect for bathing or showering, without needing to cool it down.

Enjoy the season!

Hayley Snider
Snider Homes

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Sandy Kemsley said...

Missed one completely obvious one: observe the time of use (TOU) electricity rate windows, and do energy-guzzling activities such as laundry, dishes and cooking in the off hours where possible. In Toronto, you can find these at