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What Is Coming Up In 2010 National Building Codes? Find out How This Will Affect Your Business.

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2010 National Building Codes of Canada


Recently, I attended the seminar “Significant Changes in 2010 National Building Codes Affecting Part 9 Buildings” at the Toronto Construction Show. This presentation was held by the Institute for Research in Construction from the NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCIL CANADA.

This is a guidance list for designers and contractors to check on the specific changes while working on designing and building residential projects.

Changes to foundation systems:
  • Extra requirement of gravel and vapour barrier in basements and heated crawl spaces
  • Changes related to the appearance of Radom gas now mandatory
Changes to insulation and heating systems:
  • Use of foams as vapour barriers
  • Hydronic heating better specified
  • Fire and sound resistance ratings
Other changes:
  • Range Vs cooktop ventilation requirements
  • Ratings for wood products with phenolic adhesives
  • Spans for Steel beams
Smaller changes:
  • Washroom door sizes
  • Starter strips
  • Exhaust venting systems
  • Location of Co Alarms
  • Ducts for cooking equipment

Building codes are clearly an important basis for insuring good quality in structures. And we, as a design and build company working with our designers, architects, and engineers, design and specify interesting and innovative buildings taking all the codes requirements into account. The building code is the baseline for construction and we utilize innovative materials and methods that may provide better performance than the building code calls for to ensure best solutions for our clients.

The site where to check or request the building code is or

Elida Huignard
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Here are several photos from the Construction Expo floor:

HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo + Construct Canada photos from, by Olga Goubar, wobuiltScreenshot: HomeBuilder & Renovator Expo + Construct Canada photos Toronto, Dec 2, 2010 @ Olga Goubar,

National Research Council Canada: Significant technical changes in the 2010 National Model Construction Codes

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