Thursday, 6 January 2011

Using Twitter as Our Social Media Tool

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If you're still considering using Twitter as a business tool, please check out one of our most fruitful day on Twitter:

National Building Code
What Is Coming Up In 2010 National Building Code - what we learned at the #Homebuilder & #Renovator Expo.

Find us on - Design & Build, Commercial, Residential Additions, #Toronto Construction Specialists

We have a lot 2 be proud of this year. We brought #WoBinna & Friends 2 life 2 connect to the younger generation. We finished two large #home #addition #projects this year. Hurray!!! Find them on our blog. We made a big step this year in our mission to help #women in #construction. One of our protegees was hired by another #building company. This was the year of change. We moved to a great neighbourhood (Corso Italia) into an office with windows. Great for creativity and #design. Our Achievement Lunch - Great food and company to celebrate our 4th year in #business. Looking forward to next year.

We have some great ideas for 2011. More WoBinna, New service: #Lighting design, More #mentoring initiatives, More innovative #green #design Another great idea for 2011. We are going to redesign our #DreamHouse Assessment process and put it on our website. BETA around March 2011. We will be more involved in the Corso Italia BIA in the New Year to promote the area. Great shops, great restaurants, check it out. As we have this lovely office we are going to start our #design workshops again. First workshop will be scheduled for February.

Wouldn't it be great 2 grow food in Toronto all year round in our back yards? Maybe a modern #greenhouse? Talk 2 us if u r interested. Still looking for our first #GreenRoof or #Geothermal project. Anyone interested? Contact us. We would love to talk to you.

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