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Interior Design Show 2012 – Wo-Built’s WOW! Moments InteriorDesig Show: IDS 12: 90 Seconds of Design - Details
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IDS12: Interior Design Show 2012

This weekend saw world-renown designers and architects descend on Toronto for the thirteenth annual Interior Design Show. Held at the Metro Toronto Convention centre, the event was a showcase of the latest trends in home design and décor, with exhibitors and guest speakers participating from around the world.

As always, Wo-Built was in attendance to get the low-down on the latest trends and technologies making their way into homes across the GTA (and around the world). Here are some of the products that caught our eye and/or captured our imagination.

Wo-Built is all about space, and the Space beds really caught our eye. These cool beds have handy storage built into the base, with single and double-height drawer models available. We think they’re more functional than a murphy bed for smaller rooms, eliminating the need for additional storage. NewMusikPlayer: Positive Space Interior
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Next, we couldn’t help but gush over the sample kitchen outfitted with the latest Blum SERVO-DRIVE drive system. This motor-assisted system makes opening, closing and organizing drawers and cabinets in the kitchen truly effortless. It’s a thing of beauty you really need to see (and touch) to appreciate; and one Wo-Built intends to put to excellent use for clients looking for the ultimate in kitchen utility. brianwong73: Blum Servo-Drive Kitchen System
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Less spectacular but no less functional, Infinity Drain offered up a clever designer twist to an old problem. The “Tile Drain” replaces that boring old drain-cover with one that blends seamlessly into the décor of your shower. A very slick solution that we intend to put to good use in future bathroom installations.

There was lots more cool stuff at the show, like the Siena Adagio Chaise Lounge from Stone Forest, the amazingly high-tech Cristadur sinks distributed by Novanni Elite, and the funky indoor wall fountains from Saline Solutions.

Collage: Cool Stuff at IDS12 Toronto Design ShowCollage: Cool Stuff at IDS12 Toronto
Images Credits: Siena Adagio Chaise Lounge CRISTADUR Pink Bubblewall Convita Chair

There is so much to see, we were there several hours at least. But after all that, perhaps what we enjoyed the most was a nice relaxing recline in VAD’s Convita zero-gravity chair. We seriously did NOT want to get up! These chairs go together with phrases like “deep meditation” and “stay-at-home vacation;” not “high productivity.”

IDS 2012 Toronto
was a fun time and thoroughly enjoyable. Too much to talk about/show in a blog, so do yourself a favour: give Wo-Built a call and let us show you how you can transform your existing space into the epitome of “form-meets-function.”

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