Thursday, 5 January 2012

A New Year, a New Adventure in Building

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"... we will never forget the great experience of our renovation and the truly exceptional folks that made it happen!”
Carla Ciallella

Wo-Built’s New Year’s Message to You: Relax. Have an Adventure!

In 2012, Wo-Built is relieving people’s misgivings about major residential and commercial renovations. It begins with our newly renovated and re-launched website,

We occasionally get to see the results of a beautiful home renovation, but the “disaster stories” we hear through the grapevine seem to leave an impression. Along with sticker-shock from being sold what doesn’t actually exist yet, “the building nightmare” seems thoroughly established in our minds.

The alternative—moving—comes with its own headaches, hassles and costs. You may get taken to the cleaners (or discover “nightmares” hidden behind the walls, under floors, in the basement, etc.).

At the start of a New Year, Wo-Built encourages all Toronto homeowners and even real estate investors in the GTA to take a bold step into the unknown: a stress-free adventure in building.

A major home, commercial or investment renovation should be fun, and we make it so! We listen to you, handle the issues and explain the solutions with clarity and transparency. We keep you in the loop.

Above all, we are your advocate: we fight for you at every step of the process, to ensure you get the best possible outcome for the budget we have to work with, with absolutely minimal impact on you.

The end result is always, “Wow! Look what I built with Wo-Built’s help!” There’s nothing better for us.

Addition, major renovation, high-end kitchen … you name it, it can be done. With real estate red-hot in the GTA and interest rates low, why wouldn’t you take the plunge? As your builder-with-a-difference, we work with you (not against you), listen to you (not talk down to you) and keep you in the loop (not keep you up all night). Wo-Built makes residential, commercial or investment building projects a fun adventure to last a lifetime.

Learn more at Wo-Built’s freshly redesigned website for 2012:

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