Thursday, 30 April 2009

What is our ecological footprint?

Collage: What is our ecological footprint?Collage: What is our ecological footprint?
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We all talk about our ecological footprint and how much our lifestyles impact on the environment. But what does it all mean? Well, this website calculator: Zerofootprint: Footprint Calculator which is designed for kids shows our impact really nicely. And it is great for adults too (just pretend you are the parent).

Taking the test was quite an eye opener. In my household, even though we recycle, switch off lights and computers, limit our garbage, don't own a swimming pool etc we still are using way too much carbon, water and land to sustain our lifestyle.

Everyone in the Wo-Built office had to take the test as well. Needless to say we all swore to use fewer resources. Try it out for yourselves.

The link was provided by Styrohome who I am following on Twitter.

Martina Ernst
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links: Green building is an outcome of a design which focuses on increasing the efficiency of resource use — energy, water, and materials — while reducing building impacts on human health and the environment during the building's lifecycle, through better siting, design, construction, operation, maintenance, and removal.
Canada has implemented the "R-2000" in 1982 to promote better than building code construction to increase energy efficiency and promote sustainability. An optional feature of the R-2000 home program is the EnerGuide rating service. This service is available across Canada, allows home builders and home buyers to measure and rate the performance of their homes, and confirm that those specifications have been met. Redefining Progress: Shifting public policy to achieve a sustainable economy, a healthy environment and a just society. Celebrating Earth Day - Striving to Be Green All Year Round!

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