Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Wo-Built Mentors George Brown Students

Screenshot: The Student Bid Competition's WebsiteScreenshot: The Student Bid Competition's Website
Wo-Built was ecstatic when we were asked to mentor students for a construction bid competition!

We were approached by a student from George Brown College’s Construction Management Program to mentor his group in a construction bid competition. Of course, we jumped at the chance to work with students and guide them through the construction and estimating bid process.

This event is held every year at Ryerson University. Students from across Canada are invited to complete bids based on a set of contract documents. It was started in order to help students understand the challenges that occur in the bidding process for construction projects. These bids must contain quality takeoffs for own forces work, a sub-trade analysis and selection, as well as the overhead and pricing summary.

The bids are judged based on the following three criteria:
  • Most Outstanding Professional Conduct;
  • Most Accurate and Complete Bid Package;
  • Nearest Bid to the Budget Price.

Screenshot: The Winners of the Student Bid Competition

Our group was in the top 50! Great job and we are very proud of you!

It was interesting to note that the winner of Most Accurate and Complete Bid Package and Most Outstanding Professional Conduct was an all female team. This is also a great sign for our industry.

Wo-Built Inc. is grateful for this opportunity to be involved in this mentorship, and would like to thank the students at George Brown College for the chance to give back to our community and participate in this amazing educational event.

Deborah McKenna
Senior Construction Project Management / Interior Designer
Wo-Built Inc.

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