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Celebrating Earth Day - Striving to Be Green All Year Round!

Wobuilt: Celebrating Earth Day - Striving to Be Green All Year RoundCollage: Celebrating Earth Day - Striving to Be Green All Year Round!
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Programs to help you be green not just for Earth Day but all year round

Toronto Hydro-Electric System offers residential customers a variety of electricity conservation programs designed to help you reduce the amount of electricity you use, and control your costs. When you use less electricity, you also help the environment by reducing the electricity that needs to be generated.

Toronto Hydro has an incentive program called: Business Incentive Program (BIP)

Get an Energy Audit for Your House Today

Green$aver provides top-to-bottom energy audits that help you lower your electrical use.

Keep Cool - Plant a Tree. LEAF can Help

LEAF is a not-for-profit that will plant native trees and shrubs in your back yard.


Get rid of that old fridge in the basement and it could save you up to $150 a year on your bill. Fridge and Freezer Pick up: Book an appointment today.

Residential peaksaver

If you're a peaksaver customer, sign up for PowerShift. It's an easy way to reduce your electricity use. Toronto Hydro-Electric System | PowerShift

Check "saveONenergy programs and incentives for home" to maximize your energy-efficiency savings and help save the environment!

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