Thursday, 15 April 2010

Can Renovation Give You Good ROI? Ask Kijiji Can a renovation give you good returns for your investment?


Your commercial space is part of your company's image and a coherent branding will help persuade your customers to hire you or buy from you. We, Wo-Built Inc, are a Design & Build general contractor with a heavy emphasis on design. We look at how any renovation or refurbishment would give you good returns for your investment.

If you would like to have an initial no cost discussion with our designers about the potential of your space, please contact us now at 416-402-2679.

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Attention Women Home Owners

We, Wo-Built Inc, are a women led design and build construction company in the GTA with the social mission to help women succeed in the building trades. We use our projects to give women who want to work in the trades the opportunity to start their career and give them their first construction job. They learn from our subtrades and get hands-on experience.
We specialize in Home Renovations and Additions and would like to talk to you if you are thinking of embarking on a renovation or addition to your home. Our first design consultation is free.
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Do you want to strengthen your branding with your work space?

Your office, commercial space or health center is part of your branding and its look will reinforce the impression your customers have of you.
We, Wo-Built Inc, a Design & Build general contractor in the GTA area, can help you achieve implementing the look necessary for your commercial space, office or health center to stand out and attract customers. If you would like to have an initial free design consultation please contact us.
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We are looking for suggestions for suitable buildings
We, Wo-built Inc, are a Design & Build General contractor in the GTA and we are interested in exploring the possibilities of reusing buildings and converting them into affordable housing. We would like to find suitable buildings, empty warehouses, empty commercial buildings etc, to explore these options further. If you know of any buildings which might be suitable, please send us an e-mail with any information, such as address, history and ownership, you may know about the buildings.
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