Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Study Shows the Green Roof Maintenance Is Close to Zero

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The study shows maintenance of green roofs is close to zero.

First: We love our sample of green roof.......but we have been trying to kill it for the last year. All in the name of science.

One of the suppliers of green roofs gave us a sample of the vegetation, a variety of Sedum (leaf succulent), about 8” by 12” and we left it by the outside door in an alley way. This tested its resiliency to its limits. It was flooded, endured drought, froze, was covered in snow, lost its container, half its earth, was kicked upside down and was thoroughly neglected. It is still alive, a bit bedraggled, but alive.

This test is not conclusive, but we can say with authority that the vegetation used for green roofs is very low maintenance (ours was a maintenance-free approach), extremely resilient and will perform well in the Canadian climate.

We are excited to use it on real roofs to reduce energy usage in buildings.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

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