Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Wobinna Is Born

Wo-Built Inc. Wobinna born, April 2010, by wobuilt.comPhoto-collage: Wobinna is born
2010 ©
Artist: Dawn Palfreyman
Wobinna, our animated spokesperson, our anime, is finally here. We first talked about having an animated tradeswoman about two years ago when it became apparent that we needed to connect with younger women to encourage them to enter the building trades. We want to create story lines that through humour and information will persuade young women to consider the trades as a career or at least will provide food for thought and discussions.

Please stay tuned for the first story.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

Wobinna Is Born
Wobinna Built a Fabulous Doll House
Wobinna and Friends Built a Fabulous Lemonade Stand
Wobinna and Friends: The Joys of Shop Class!

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