Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Being Green, Building Green Design and Construction Company

Collage: Being Green with Wo-Built Inc. Construction and Renovation Company in Toronto, Ontario, CanadaCollage: Being Green with Wo-Built

Our mission statement did not specifically mention "Green Construction", however we want to be known for our innovative design and construction. This includes of course looking at sustainability of buildings, their environmental footprints and their energy effectiveness. Green design can take many forms and there is no fixed template. Every situation is different, but we look in our designs for green possibilities.

It starts with design and it requires a commitment from all parties to the idea of providing a green design. There might be cost implications, or spatial compromises or long term break even points. But it all starts with an idea.

In the past we published several posts on being green. Below we added the links – please feel free to read them. They may give you ideas for your home.

Going Green in the City: Building and Renovating with "Being Green" in Mind:
Part 1 - Eco-Friendly Home Improvements
Part 2 - Going Green Is Becoming Mainstream
Part 3 - Living Rooftops - An Environmental Alternative for "Green" Building
Home Renovation Tip: Donate Reusable Items to Non-For-Profit Organizations
Wo-Built: Help for Going Green at Work

You can also follow us on Twitter @wobuilt and find out more about green ideas as we often tweet about green topics we find interesting. My personal favorites are green roofs.

If you want to talk to us about green design and construction please contact us at 416-402-2679.

Martina Ernst
Wo-Built Inc.

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