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Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Conclusion

Wo-Built Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment Part 3, Conclution: Robot Clean Oil from Beaches, illustrations Dawn PalfreymanComic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Part 3
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.
Wobinna & Friends: Class Assignment - Conclusion (Part 3)

Panel 1

Wobinna and all her classmates crowd into the auditorium anxiously awaiting the start of the competition. The principal is on stage at the podium making his introductory speech while the judges and teachers look on.

Wobinna (in the audience): Tough competition Rob!!

Principal (loudly and with great enthusiasm): Welcome participants! Let me say, I’m proud of all of you!!

Panel 2

Wobinna, Rob and Paul are eagerly explaining to the judge how their project works. The judge listens intently and makes her marking as they all chime in. The project all put together and spread out on the floor is called the petroleum pelican.

Paul (excitedly): The head scoops, sifts and swivels. Into the containment body it goes!!

Wobinna (continues with just as much excitement): Opens and closes too!

Rob (not to be left out, chimes in as well): The remote controls all the action!!

Panel 3

All the winners are crowded onto the stage in jubilation. With arms outstretched and cheering in triumph they hold onto their trophies & prizes while the announcements of the winners can be heard in the background.

Principal’s voice in the background: This year’s auction was amazing. Very creative projects! Now ... to the winners and cash prizes!!!

Judge: 3rd Prize Team – "Ride Baby Ride" for $150.00! 2nd Prize Team – "Domed Domicile" for $300.00! 1st Prize Team – "Pelicans" for $500.00!!

Ride Baby Ride team jubilantly: We placed 3rd dude! Cool!

In conclusion Wobinna gives the audience the thumbs up while Paul and Rob wave. All three are clutching the 1st Prize cup!!!

Look for new adventures of Wobinna and Friends next week!!

Wo-Built Inc. is dedicated to women in the trades. We created Wobinna & Friends to encourage women to look at the construction industry as an alternative career choice with a multitude of options. Wobinna & Friends is interested in all aspects of the construction industry. We would like to see more women explore the many opportunities open to them and become successful.

Wobinna & Friends and any associated characters, storylines and/or merchandise are the sole property and copyright of Wo-Built Inc. This includes all media.

Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment
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Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Conclusion

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