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Wobinna’s Dream Home Contest: Submission #2 Tree House

Wo-Built Inc. Design Competition 2010 Wobinna Your Dream House Tree, illustration by Dawn PalfreymanImage: Design Competition 2010
Wobinna Wants to Know: What's Your Dream House? Is It ...
#2 ... Maybe Lots of Nature, Like a Tree House ...
Illustration by Dawn Palfreyman
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More ideas from the Wo-Built staff, this time about the tree house.
Dawn’s interpretation of a tree house is living in a tree with separate structures, but Lonya has a new take on it. Here is what her tree dreamhouse is all about.

The Tree House
In these days of green awareness and eco-friendliness, what could be more ideal than maybe ... a tree house? Not only does a tree house epitomize sustainability but it brings us back to a simpler and quieter time. A time when we were younger, innocent, and freer. And certainly, to a time when we could and DID let our imaginations run riot.

It seems that in these modern times, people are rediscovering tree houses and their joys and as such a few companies that specialize in tree houses have sprung up. Of course these are still for children only, but if you yearn to get away from it all, imagine living in a custom-built tree house just for you.

My dream tree house would actually be nestled between some trees away from prying eyes, but not necessarily IN a tree. It would be high enough off the ground to be able to walk underneath, a glassed-in area (sort of like a family room underneath your house) and supported by a number of beams.

There would be a staircase to access the main floor area. It would consist of a wraparound balcony and it would be divided into 3 rooms - 2 bedrooms and an open concept kitchenette, living and dining area with a huge bay window to be able to see the forest animals frolicking (remember this is a dream!) – but hopefully no bears!

Although I am a nature lover, but not really one for roughing it too much, an indoor washroom is needed with, of course, indoor plumbing. And being environmentally conscious my tree-house would have to be "green" (no pun intended).

This would certainly be my ideal getaway, away from prying eyes, back to nature and a more leisurely pace of life.

Lonya is the staff writer for Wo-Built Inc.

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