Friday, 2 July 2010

Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment

Wo-Built Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment: Robot Clean Oil from Beaches, illustrations Dawn Palfreyman

Comic Strip: Wobinna and Friends: Class Assignment
Illustrations and story by Dawn Palfreyman
Copyright 2010 © Wo-Built Inc.

Panel 1

Wobinna is in her shop classroom as her teacher reads out their assignment. She gets a brainstorm and starts whispering excitedly to her classmate.

Teacher: New Project…Blah, Blah, Blah. You can win prizes!

Wobinna (whispering excitedly): I have an idea Paul! Let’s meet in the caf!

Paul listens intently.

Panel 2

Paul, Rob and Wobinna sit at the cafeteria table and talk excitedly about their ideas for the upcoming project over lunch.

Paul again listens intently and eats as Wobinna and Rob enthusiastically discuss their plans.

Wobinna: What about a robot that can clean the oil from the beaches?

Rob (waving his hand excitedly): Awesome! I think teach will love it!!

Panel 3

Paul, Rob and Wobinna are back in the workshop as Wobinna shows the boys her idea drawn out on paper. They go over their plans for the project and Paul and Wobinna start assembling materials and tools.

Wobinna (carrying some boards): You find it?

Paul (triumphantly): Ya, It’s over here!

Meanwhile Rob sets up a working area at his house.

Paul and Wobinna go shopping for the rest of the needed materials.

In a flurry of excitement the assembly begins.

... to be continued.

Stay tuned to the exciting conclusion of the project!

Wo-Built Inc. is dedicated to women in the trades. We created Wobinna & Friends to encourage women to look at the construction industry as an alternative career choice with a multitude of options. Wobinna & Friends is interested in all aspects of the construction industry. We would like to see more women explore the many opportunities open to them and become successful.

Wobinna & Friends and any associated characters, storylines and/or merchandise are the sole property and copyright of Wo-Built Inc. This includes all media.

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