Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Wobinna’s Dream Home Contest: Submission #3 Grand Staircase

Wo-Built Inc. Design Competition 2010 Wobinna Your Dream House with big staircase, illustration by Dawn PalfreymanImage: Design Competition 2010
Wobinna Wants to Know: What's Your Dream House? Is It ...
#3 ... Maybe More Elegant Surroundings, Like a Staircase ...
Illustration by Dawn Palfreyman
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New idea from the Wo-Built staff, this time about more elegant surroundings of a dreamhouse with big sweeping staircase .

The Grand Staircase
I'm quite eclectic when it comes to style. I like a lot of different design types and often mix them together.

The crisp, clean look of a modern room or the feel of rich, dark wooden floors, ceilings and furniture, along with the old world charm of some antiquey pieces - they are all eye catching to me, but a grand staircase is what I would love most.

I grew up with and still enjoy the glitz and glamour of days gone by when movie stars were still movie stars and lived in homes with big sweeping staircases that gave them an air of elegance. I think creating a home with a staircase such as this one as the focal point would be amazing.

It should be open to the floor below and be designed in such a way that the underside could work as another functioning room. The home itself should surround this unique structure and be visible by most places in it.

My Dream Home is very open in concept and would be filled with large colourful pieces throughout to keep that homey feel.

Dawn Palfreyman is the artist, design creator, site worker for Wo-Built Inc.
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